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Each year between September and December the BFFA collects dues from its members. These dues help us maintain the function of our club by having funds to pay for such things as speakers,
postage, PO box rent, awards, tide charts, etc.

During the 25 years we have been in existence we have not raised our dues and they will remain $20 for an individual, $30 for a family,
and $10 for a student. If you have joined from May on in 2014 you do not have to renew for this coming year, but if you joined before May in 2014 we ask that you do renew.

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casting for recovery

“Fish Tails and Cocktails” benefiting Casting for Recovery, the Breast Cancer recovery organization will be held in Jacksonville on Friday, October 3.,sponsored by Blackfly Outfitters.
For information,contact Robin Folsom, 321-258-1913

BFFA is a proud supporter
Casting for Recovery is a national 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization, supports breast cancer survivors
through a program that combines fly-fishing, counseling,
and medical information to build a focus on wellness instead of illness.
Please help support this program.

(*mark your check for Florida Chapter)

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Take action today to make sure that no billfish will end up on grocery store shelves or on restaurant menus again.
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President Brian Hatfield
There's a change in the air and the water
October 2014

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club history

We have been operating as a club for 23 years.
One of our founding fathers Ron, Winn wrote the history of the club on our About Us

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Paul and Sherry Parker reported good fishing with high moving water in the IRL south of Sebastian. On one trip they caught tarpon, redfish and snook (they counted 38). Recent trips have not been as good as the water level drops.

Marty Smithson referred to the Sebastian Inlet district’s website for individuals catching bonefish of the inside flats, in addition to grouper, small snook and jacks.

Dale Sparling
reported catches of tarpon in the feeder creeks and rivers up to 30 pounds.

Jim Chell reported dirty water around Melbourne beach and poor fishing. He reported catching jacks and seeing large snook on the flats inside the inlet. He also found Spanish mackerel outside the SB inlet on fly.

Don Perchalski also reported tarpon are active in the creeks and rivers feeding the IRL. He reported good bluegill catches in both the Stick Marsh and St. John areas, taking fish on #8 poppers

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More photos can be seen on our Gallery page.

fly tying

October 20th
, 2014
For November, Jeff Ward will be tying
the "Foam Face Diver".

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Monthly Dinner Meeting:Thursday, Nov. 6th
6:30 PM, Memaw's Bar B-Q, Eau Gallie Blvd.
Indian Harbour Beach

Our November program will be presented by Rob McAbee.

Rob was introduced to fly fishing at the early age of seven on Spring Creek, PA. What seemed to be the most complicated concept in the world, many years later, became his passion.

Growing up in south Florida, surfing, fishing and anything water related became a way of life. Saltwater fly fishing was still relatively unknown as it was still being pioneered deep in the Everglades and in the skinny water of the Forida Keys.

Rob began fly fishing in the early 90's in Stuart, Florida. Snook, Tarpon and an endless list of saltwater species were readily available and more than eager to smash a fly.

Over the next 20 years, Rob expanded his fly angling to - fish ... any fish willing to eat a fly. The draw of the salt though, still remains his passion within the passion.

In 2008, Rob combined his profession and passion into a clothing line called Bug Slinger™. Using influences from the surf, skate and music industries, he has injected a modern cultural feel into the world of fly fishing. Bug Slinger™ has been featured in numerous magazines as well as Fy Nation, a television series on WFN (episodes shot on location in Stuart & Amelia Island FL.).

After relocating back to Florida, Rob combined his two primary interests - surfing and fly fishing by ulitizing a BOTE stand up paddle board in the Fly Nation episode - “SURF’ SUP”. Soon after the episode was aired, BOTE asked to have limited edition Bug Slinger™ boards designed.

Rob is now the Creative Brand Director for BOTE boards, who is solidifying their leadership in the fishing stand up paddleboard market.

He will also speak on conservation matters, including the Angler Action Program.

will be presenting an all day program to the club on
Saturday, November 22, 2014

Our annual all-day sessions with distinguished guests have been popular, entertaining and informative. This year, in addition to our regular spring program, we have planned a special fall event, featuring Andy Mill, who some may remember from his presentation here in 2006.

Andy will be presenting an all day program to the club on Saturday, November 22, starting with breakfast at 8:00 AM at Memaw’s BBQ, our regular meeting place.

He was America's top downhill ski racer in the mid-1970s. After his ski racing career concluded, Andy Mill found another passion - tarpon fishing. He won five Gold Cup Tarpon tournaments and was a triple crown winner in tarpon fishing
(Gold Cup, Hawley, and Golden Fly). Mill has also hosted an outdoor show on Outdoor Life Network.

See or call Ron Winn to reserve a place.

Ron Winn attended and tied flies at the recent Florida Council EXPO in Crystal River. Below, Bob Clouser demonstrates casting at EXPO 2014. (Photo courtesy of the Suncoast Fly Fishers.)

Voting is a fundamental right, privilege and responsibility of a democratic society. That being said if any of you are unfamiliar with Amendment 1 on the Florida Ballot please familiarize yourself with the choice, before your vote on November 4th.

For details on the BTT events in Dania, FL on November 7-8,
go to the web site at:

Bonefish and Tarpon Trust is having two events in November at the IGFA Hall of Fame and Museum in Dania, FL. On Friday, November 7th, and Art and Film
Festival will be held, and on the 7th and 8th the Fifth International Bonefish and Tarpon Symposium will be held.

The Art and Film Festival includes an art gallery that will feature some of today's biggest names in saltwater art and photography displaying and selling their art with portions of the proceeds going directly BTT.

The Symposium features presentations by scientists, and fishing and casting clinics taught by some of the world’s top anglers and instructors.For details on the both the Festival and Symposium go to the website referenced above.

Rock gobies, which live in intertidal pools in areas of Europe and North Africa, can change color in seconds, camouflaging themselves from predators and other threats, according to a study published in PLOS ONE. When researchers placed the tiny fish in waterfilled trays of different colors, they would alter their skin tone to match the tray in under one minute.

Dolphins are sensitive to magnetic fields, according to researchers at the Universite de Rennes and Institut Universitaire de France. "Dolphins are able to
discriminate between objects based on their magnetic properties, which is a prerequisite for magnetoreception-based navigation," said Dorothee Kremers, coauthor of the study published in Naturwissenschaften,The Science of Nature. Researchers say this is the firststudy to prove magnetosensitivity in dolphins.

When tiny plankton swim together in massive groups, they may have an effect on ocean currents, according researchers at the California Institute of Technology. Using lab-raised brine shrimp as a standin for krill, researchers measured swirls of water created by the movement of the mass of sea creatures, finding that they produced a fast moving jet of water in their wake. "To me, an interesting aspect of this work is to see animals that seem to be at the mercy ofthe water play a role in shaping their own environment," said John Dabiri, co-author of the study published in Physics of Fluids. National Geographic News


Many interesting items appear on our beaches. FIT’s Lifelong Scholar program recently held a program on the fossil crabs found uniquely on Brevard
beaches. Ron Winn has an excellent collection of these, including many with remarkable details preserved

Another object found on our beaches is the “mermaid’s purse,” the egg case of the Clearnose Skate.

The Clearnose, like all skates, is oviparious. Eggs are usually laid in multiple pairs at intervals ranging from 1 to 13 days. Eggs range in size from 2 to 3.5 inches (5cm to 8.9cm) long and 1.5 to 2.25 inches (3.8cm to 5.7cm) wide. In Florida, eggs are laid from December through May. A single female may lay up to 66 eggs in one season. Egg incubation is thought to last at least three months but may decrease later in the
season. Newly hatched skates have a disc width between 3.3 to 4.1 inches (8.4cm to 10.5cm) and total length between 5.1 to 5.9 inches (13cm and 15cm). Scientists have noted that Clearnose Skate eggs fail to develop in water warmer than 75.2°F (24°C).

The Clearnose skate is found, in the western north Atlantic, from Massachusetts to south Florida. This skate is also common in the eastern part of the Gulf of Mexico. It has also been known to range north along the Canadian coast.

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