The Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) has become the International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF), and our own Ron Winn was in charge of selecting an updated logo. He helped select a design that is recognizable to the old guard yet has a modern and enticing look for new members:

BFFA is an active Member Club
of the
International Federation of Fly Fishers

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Each year between September and December the BFFA collects dues from its members. These dues help us maintain the function of our club by having funds to pay for such things as speakers,
postage, PO box rent, awards, tide charts, etc.

During the 25 years we have been in existence we have not raised our dues and they will remain $20 for an individual, $30 for a family,
and $10 for a student. If you have joined from May on in 2014 you do not have to renew for this coming year, but if you joined before May in 2014 we ask that you do renew.

Please bring a check to the next meeting, or mail it to:
BFFA of Brevard

PO Box 524, Melbourne, FL 32902
Please include: your snail mail address, email addresses and phone number(s)

casting for recovery

“Fish Tails and Cocktails” benefiting Casting for Recovery, the Breast Cancer recovery organization will be held in Jacksonville on Friday, October 3.,sponsored by Blackfly Outfitters.
For information,contact Robin Folsom, 321-258-1913

BFFA is a proud supporter
Casting for Recovery is a national 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization, supports breast cancer survivors
through a program that combines fly-fishing, counseling,
and medical information to build a focus on wellness instead of illness.
Please help support this program.

(*mark your check for Florida Chapter)

                                Marlin off the menu

Take action today to make sure that no billfish will end up on grocery store shelves or on restaurant menus again.
Click here:
Do your part to Take Marlin off the Menu!

Limit your kill, don’t kill your limit !

Please practice Catch and Release


President Brian Hatfield
February 2015

Welcome to new members

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club history

We have been operating as a club for 23 years.
One of our founding fathers Ron, Winn wrote the history of the club on our About Us

next outing

Weekend of shadfishing on the St Johns River near Mullet Lake Park, RESCHEDULED

Jon Shenker , who presented our program in January, invited us to visit the FIT Marine Lab in Vero Beach.

Go the the Outings page for details.

Dick Pettit reports a couple of trout approaching 20” from his regular wading spot.

As this is written, the Inlet is slow due to the weather.

I have heard no reports of shad.

Don't forget to send us your photos to share with our members!
* Photos can be seen on our Gallery page.

fly tying

Jeff Ward
In February, Jeff will tie a Maribou Seaduecer.

Click here for details

Holly Abeels (Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent,
University of Florida IFAS Extension, Brevard County)
asked that we publicize a “For Hire Fishing Workshop”
they are holding on February 27
for charter captains and fishing guides.

Cost is $25 and topics include:

Developing a business plan
Increasing market visibility
Social media marketing
Latest fishing research

For details, call 321-633-1702x235

Monthly Dinner Meeting:
Thursday, February 5th 6:30 PM
6:30 PM, Memaw's Bar B-Q, Eau Gallie Blvd.
Indian Harbour Beach

We have a special treat this month, in the form of Steve Kantner, the “Land Captain”...His programs are always different, interesting and unpredictable. Come and hear his latest take on the fishing scene.

Steve is a well-known outdoor communicator who entered the fishing business as a guide. Steve’s cameo enterprise, Landcaptain, Inc., takes its name from how Steve used to guide (he still occasionally does) customers from the seat of his car. A South Florida fixture for over 50 years, Kantner has walked (and fished) practically every foot of surf, pier and canal bank that’s accessible to anglers on foot.

After starring in several television episodes— that featured his unique approach to catching fish from shore—and hosting a drivetime radio program¯ Steve decided to become a full-time writer, fly casting instructor, seminar promoter, and sometimes-editor whose by-line has appeared in Salt Water Sportsman, Florida Sportsman, Fly Rod & Reel, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters and similar publications. He has also written for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and was at one time the assistant editor, as well as editor-at-large and opinion columnist for Florida Fishing Weekly.

Stackpole Publishers recently released Steve’s most-recent endeavor: The Ultimate Guide to Fishing South Florida on Foot. In addition, he wrote the history chapter for Andy Mill’s A Passion for Tarpon (Wild River Press) and collaborated with Tom Greene on A Net Full of Tails.

Steve is widely regarded as THE “walk-in expert.” In passing-on what he’s learned, he salts practical experience with a scientific perspective—thanks to a degree in zoology¯along with a dollop of Falstaffian humor. The result, he believes, instructs his readers not only in the art of finding fish, but the “how-to” of catching them as well.

Steve lives with his wife in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,
along with their three family cats.

Jon Shenker reported in our January program the latest findings from studies of the life history of both Tarpon and Bonefish. Some of the editor’s summaries and comments:

Tarpon hatch into tiny larva a few tenths of an inch long in the open sea. Latest research indicates that one area where spawning occurs is in the Gulf of Mexico,
near the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Spawning may occur in other areas of the Gulf and Atlantic; young larva have been found throughout this area. Young Tarpon grow to maturity in mangrove backwaters as in our local area. Tarpon can make use of their air bladders to thrive in water with low oxygen content, and they seem to prefer small isolated canals and marshes, presumably to avoid larger predators. It is puzzling how the tiny, poorly swimming larva and young Tarpon make their way from the open ocean to the backwaters of the Indian River Lagoon and similar habitat. It is also puzzling why such a low probability migration would evolve. One possibility is that encourages wide geographical dispersal of the young fish.

Bonefish similarly spawn in the open ocean. Again,knowledge of the exact locations are limited, but one area in the Bahamas has been identified and studied. The Bonefish gather in large, dense spawning schools in deep water not far from their usual flats habitat. Bonefish in these aggregations have been observed to make short excursions to a depth of several hundred feet and then returning to the surface. One possible explanation for this behavior is that the change in pressure aids and encourages the discharge of eggs and milt.

Bonefish larvae live in the open ocean, and need very clean, clear water. They live in the plankton for ~ 50-60 days before they're ready to settle to the bottom - in shallow, sandy habitats, with low wave action.

The open ocean spawning of both species has great significance in managing and protecting them. The extended geographic area utilized in the spawning and maturing process means that threats to the fish may occur in areas remote from and different from the habitat used by the adults. A population crash in one area may be due an environmental insult or overharvesting in quite another area.

Bonefish Tarpon Trust, Belize River Lodge and Frontiers Travel are pleased to announce the 2015 Belize River Lodge Bonefish and Permit Tagging Challenge to be held March 25 - April 1, 2015. Participation in this event blends research and fishing.
And there is plenty of quality time fishing and great memories helping and participating in conservation - all while staying at one of the Caribbean's best fishing
lodges. There will also be chances to win gear donated by top manufacturers during the trip.

During this trip, they plan to tag as many bonefish and permit as possible with "spaghetti tags" allowing them to follow their growth and migrations. The information collected is critical in the effort to help conserve and enhance this fishery. In addition, they will place at least one satellite tag on a big tarpon.
For information go to:

Editor’s Note:
My experience traveling on volunteer scientific expeditions was that the research aspect lends an extra feeling of accomplishment to the trip. I have also fished from Belize River Lodge, and it is a great family-run operation. It is quick to reach, being only a few miles from the Belize City airport, but feels very remote.....Frank

Our talented Webmaster has a park named for her in South Florida

M.E. DePalma Park is a public garden containing native and other plants that attract birds and butterflies. The park, located at the corner of NE 7th Avenue and NE 20th Drive in Wilton Manors, Florida, is registered with the National Wildlife Federation as Wildlife Habitat.

To learn more about the park visit: or, if you are on Facebook,

Get ready for our annual fund-raising auction in March.
Hunt up a good fishing or outdoor related item (valued from $5 up) to donate to the auction. Then come to the meeting and join the spirited bidding for another item. There are already some nice fly rods, boxes of expertly tied flies and artistic items which have been donated. Some examples to be auctioned are shown below.

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Did you ever realize how many occupations arerepresented in the club?

Editor’s quick list:

Fishing guide
Insurance agent
Insurance adjustor
School principal
Newspaper columnist
Marine engineer
Tour boat operator

.................... What can you add?


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